I <3 Vancouver

Here in Vancouver, when it is not raining, the view is amazing. I still cannot get enough of it even though I was born and raised here. This week was my reading break and it was only sunny for two days. Disappointing but I knew I had to make the most of it. In those two days, I took my sister’s Nikon D3100 and went around town to take pictures. Photography is one of my favourite hobbies and it was a lot of fun just experimenting the camera (my first actual DSLR so I was trying to get to know the camera better). Despite some of the gloominess and haziness of some of the pictures, here are some samples of my favourite shots.

On the seabus facing the mountains.

View of downtown, Vancouver, and of course, the ship.

View of Coal Harbour from far away, as well as Stanley Park.

Peekaboo view of Harbour Centre

Westin Bayshore Hotel and Coal Harbour

Stanley Park with a small view of the Lions Gate Bridge

Wide-angle view of downtown Vancouver.

Favourite view of the mountains.

So there you have it! How can you not love this city? Except when it is raining of course…

– Stephanie Carmen


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