My Favourite Things

Taken with a Nikon D3100 with active D-Lighting

One of my favourite thing by far is this sample fragrance that I haven’t tried till a week ago when I received it while shopping in the mall during the summer. I’m not usually a perfume kind of girl, but I decided to dab a little bit on myself just to try it. Turns out, I really, really love this scent. I’m usually quite picky and self-conscious of wearing a scent but this just fits my personality and what I want.

Infusion d’Iris Eau de Toilette
Notes: Muguet, Iris Pallida, Neroli, Violet, Cedar Wood, Heliotrope.
Style: Floral. Sophisticated. Youthful

Although I don’t know half of the ingredients, my favourite out of them all is the cedar wood. Cedar wood just brings this smell that is so rich and sophisticated, making the floral scent not as powerful, which is just the way I want it. Some scents with a lot of floral tones are just too flowery and powerful. I am very inclined in getting the full bottle of this, but I might just wait till my samples are all used up…

My second favourite thing: my Seiko watch. Given to me as a graduation gift from my dad (which I chose at the store), it’s nice and small, with the gold and black complimenting my skin tone and body shape. Its analog feature without imprinted numbers is what makes it so sophisticated, which drew me to it when it was still in the showcase. Big watches don’t appeal to me, since they can be also heavy.

Last but not least: my hair bands! I have really thick, long hair and sometimes, I just want my hair outta my face. When I’m at work, playing sports, or working on a paper, I can’t have my hair bothering me. Needless to say, having my hair up goes better with some of my outfits.

– Stephanie Carmen


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